Quayside Fabrication

Quayside Fabrication specialises in Structural Steelwork and Fabrication Services in the Oil and Gas Industry.

How we helped:

  • Date: 2013 – Current
  • Client: Quayside Fabrication
  • Industry: Oil & Gas
  • Area: Aberdeen

Quayside Fabrication is a fabrication firm that specialises in structural steelwork and fabrication services in the Oil and Gas Industry.  By 2013, the firm had to date enjoyed steady growth and it was keen to continue this over the next 10+ years.  The Company recognised that it’s branding did not ‘fit’ with how the firm had evolved and the Directors were keen to develop a new identity to represent not only Quayside Fabrication’s current position in the market, but an identity that would help shape its image for years to come.

Limetree was tasked with developing a new brand identity and website for Quayside Fabrication. We spent time researching Quayside Fabrication and worked closely with Directors and staff to establish its brand values.  Once these were in place,  various options were reviewed and refined before coming up with the final identity.

The logo is clean, it is robust and the colours reflect the Company:

Blue:  Stability, Honesty, Sea, Confidence
Red:  Powerful, Active, Trust
Black: Gravitas, Exclusivity, Serious

The tagline, “From Design to Completion” fits with the commitment and integrity Quayside Fabrication has for each and every job it undertakes.  The logo is strong, concise and easy to read and understand.  It looks great on paper, online, on vans and even when embroidered.

Limetree has helped Quayside Fabrication strengthen its identity consistently through all forms of communication and marketing materials.

We designed the company’s website and helped raise the profile of Quayside Fabrication through a structured marketing plan incorporating social media and PR.

Limetree has helped Quayside Fabrication with:
  • Brand Identity

  • Website

  • PR
  • Social Media
  • Strategy
  • Events

  • E-Campaigns

  • Design

  • Print
  • Branded Merchandise
  • Van Livery

“Quayside Fabrication has worked with Eileen for the last few years when our company was steadily growing and we needed to develop our corporate identity and also our website. Eileen’s professionalism and attention to detail throughout this process has resulted in our company having a very professional corporate identity. Eileen has also introduced our company to the world of social media where she continues to take a personal interest in developing our business. I would happily recommend Eileen’s professional, friendly and efficient service to others.”

David Duncan, Quayside Fabrication

April 2016

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