Limetree® advises on brand identity, provides consultancy and workshops on branding. We work with associate designers to develop identities for businesses.

We work closely with our clients to understand them and their business, as well as the message they need to convey.  We help them define:
– who they are
– what their current position is
– what their message is
– how to achieve their goals.

We help our clients shape their brand image, helping them develop a brand identity that fits withe them.  We help them communicate their message and build develop a brand image that fits with them.

We offer consultancy on branding and work with a range of designers to create a range of design services..

Our branding services include:

  • Brand Review
  • Branding Workshops
  • Brand Development
  • Logo Design Services
  • Identity Creation
  • Design Services

We offer a free consultation on branding throughout Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire. For more information, please contact us direct.