Marketing Support

For some businesses, marketing activity on top of everything else can be time-consuming.

We aim to save time for our clients by marketing on their behalf.

Limetree offers flexible marketing support services for clients that fit with their needs. We take time to build relationships and provide a range of Marketing Support Services, including: Social Media, Mentoring, PR Support, Content Marketing, Website Support and Copy Writing.

Our services are either provided on an ongoing basis, are project-based or accessed on an ad-hoc basis. We enjoy coming up with campaign ideas for all our clients and we use our broad network for collaborations.

Our approach is honest and we advise only on what we believe will work and will help our clients achieve their goals.

Marketing Support Services:

  • Mentoring Support
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Press Releases
  • Campaign Planning
  • Events
  • Copy Writing
  • Communications
  • Strategy Implementation

For more information on our Marketing Support Services please contact us.